Evo Plus Training Program


EVO Plus Training is the EVO System in the palm of your hand providing your body the appropriate preparatory stimulation needed to reach your end. Built on the ground breaking neurological efficiency training of EVO Ultrafit, EVO Plus Training uses proprietary technology to ensure that you will always have the exact workout you need anytime you need it. Once you complete the EVO Evaluation, the professionals at EVO Ultrafit have the necessary information to put together your training plan tailored around your time availability and available workout equipment. As you use EVO Plus Training all of your workout information is cataloged in real time, this is how EVO Plus Training knows exactly what exercises and movements are needed to assemble the most appropriate workout. Removing the headache of performance training is what EVO Plus Training has proven without fail, providing you with the step by step plan to prepare you for the end you desire.

  • Easily accessible, Reliable, Availability and Equipment Access Data Driven workout program
  • Iso Extreme, Extreme Slow, Rebound, and other advanced methodics are implemented
  • Demonstration videos to follow along with for every exercise assigned
  • Easily accessible on your smart phone
  • Easily accessible on your tablet
  • Easily accessible on your computer

The EVO System


EVO Training prepares the body, by stimulating the nervous system, to handle the amount of stress required of the desired display. The alternative to EVO Performance Training are the more personalized options of:

EVO Individualized Training

The EVO Individualized Program offers a personalized experience for our clients. Using proprietary technologies and physical testing methodologies, EVO UltraFit will develop a program catered to the specific needs of the client, and will assist in implementation of the program with a consultation.

EVO Plus / Management.

The EVO Management Training allows an individual the highest level of performance success. Using proprietary technologies, EVO UltraFit guides the individual throughout the year, managing all variables affecting performance.  EVO Management is the seamless integration of both EVO Performance and EVO Rehab.  This achieved by stimulating neurological and physiological systems of the body to allow high levels of performance.  EVO UltraFit captures objective information about how the body absorbs force, interpreting that information, creating necessary protocols and finally implementing those protocols.

EVO Plus Training Expectations

When you’re ready to train. Head straight to EVOPlusTraining.com


Log in or create your EVO Plus Training account and get ready to begin your EVO Ultrafit training protocol.


After logging in you will be taken to your account page. Here you can view and edit the details of your account, as well as have a direct link to the specialists at EVO Ultrafit by being able to ask any questions you may have regarding your training. When you are ready to begin, click
“View Today’s Workout”


Complete each exercise as listed in your workout. Every exercise has an accompanying video to assist you in proper position and displays the appropriate movement, minimizing the risk of training related injury.